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30mL / 1.0 FL OZ
Eau de Parfum Spray

A delicious & creamy scent that combines warm soft musk with delectable golden apple harvest and hints of salted caramel.

Perfect For: Wanderlust adventures! Your go-to scent for vacations, road trips, day trips, festivals and everywhere in between!

Natural Essential Oils: Cinnamon, Red Seaweed.

Vegan | Natural Essential Oils | Paraben, Sulphate, Dye & Cruelty-Free | Made in the USA



The Free-Spirited Dreamer. A believer in wanderlust, spontaneity, dream catchers, horoscopes, bohemian thrift stores with a whimsical charisma and tattoos that tell her story.

golden apple
sea-salted caramel
osmanthus flower
Chill Ingredients

24 reviews for Chill

  1. Rachel W.

    This is my Favorite scent! I received this compliments of Wild Spirit and I am sold. The scent is a mix of vanilla and sweet fruit. I don’t usually wear fragrances because I have never been able to find one that is not too overpowering and one that is just sweet with no harsh chemical smell behind it. Well now I have and that is Chill. I Love that it is made of essential oils that give added benefits. This larger size comes in a spray bottle and all I need is 1 spray and I am set to go for a workday.

  2. Leanna

    I received this perfume as a gift and I couldn’t be happier with the scent. It’s definitely creamy and delicious and is my go to scent!

  3. J&S

    This smells amazing! I got the sample pack and “Chill” is my favorite! It smells like warm vanilla with a hint of cinnamon. The scent lasts all day and it’s not overwhelming. I definitely recommend it!

  4. Michelle Stelly

    I love these Wild Spirits fragrances. I love the essential oils in them as well. Great collection. I’m hooked.

  5. Jolene

    What a fantastic perfume. I am always in search of perfumes that will not leave me with a headache either from the overwhelming chemicals or the overpowering scents and I have finally found one. I’m in love with this perfume. This is a very large bottle for a great price. I love that it is made with natural essential oils, and free of parabens, sulphates and dyes. The smell is so perfect and lasts all day but is not at all overpowering. It is always hard to order scented items online without being able to smell them first, but I love this perfume. This is really a big bottle and it should last quite a long time.

  6. Vickie G.

    I love this perfume and it smells fantastic! It has a nice ocean scent, but it also a warm undertone as well that is a nice balance. The bottle is adorable and easy to store (though beautiful to display as well!). The scent is perfect for everyday wear, but goes into the night as well and lasts the whole day. I like that there are no harsh chemicals and contains essential oils. This is a great product and a new fave!

  7. Aysha

    The entire Wild Spirit line is fantastic. This scent reminds me of fall, and lasts all day. It isn’t overpowering, but vibrant enough to be noticeable (and complimented on!). The bottles are so pretty, I end up displaying them on my counter instead of storing them away. You can’t go wrong with this scent.

  8. Nicholya Crockett

    This perfume smells so yummy! I feel like it has more layers to it than other perfumes I have bought before. There are scents and fragrances in it that absolutely compliment each other. The bottle looks nice and it came to my door exactly as pictured and described. If you take a chance and try this perfume, you definitely won’t regret it. I have a feeling the fragrance can work for many different people! I will definitely be buying more as soon as this one is used up.

  9. tinamccall2013

    This is my favorite #wildspiritgiftedme scent. I’m a vanilla girl and this has the perfect hint of creamy vanilla. The bottle is a great size.

  10. ClayPearl

    I don’t normally like perfume, but I loved how this one smelled! It’s not overpowering and cloying like other scents I’ve smelled. It’s light and subtle, and perfect for day to day wear for work or whatever. Definitely recommend it!

  11. Crystal

    Light scent. I smell a lot of vanilla, and perhaps a bit of Caramel. Nice balanced scent.

  12. Gina McGinley

    I mean how can you go wrong with apples and caramel? It’s a warm crisp scent. I love how it doesn’t give me a headache or make me sneeze. I like how it’s made with essential oils and nonparabens without testing on animimals.

  13. Lynnette Rice

    Smells great and lasts all day.

  14. Lacey

    So I ordered this when I received it my 11 year old promptly stole it from me and I have yet to see it again. The response I’ve gotten is so positive everyone loves the scent and it lasts all day!! Love love love this product.

  15. Becky S.

    I love that this perfume is made with natural essential oils and is free of parabens, sulphate, and dyes. This particular fragrance smells like sweet vanilla bean with a hint of cinnamon. It doesn’t have an overpowering scent either.

  16. Adrianne

    I enjoy a perfume with a gentle fragrance, a fragrance that is pleasant and lasting, without being overpowering. Wild Spirit Chill definitely meets these standards. There is a perfect hint of sweetness with just the right amount of caramel undertones. I really enjoy this perfume!

  17. Lynn T

    This scent is fabulous!! It’s like fall in a bottle, smells like a delicious caramel apple to me and I couldn’t be happier to wear it! I love that it’s strong enough to smell all day, but not overpowering by any means! One of my favorites from this company!

  18. Erika

    I hadn’t wore perfume for a few yesrs but noticed this had essential oils. I wanted to try this out! This perfume has a lovely smell and it’s great! The bottle is easy to store but makes for a great display. It can be worn everyday and will last the entire day! It’s a great perfume and highly recommend it! All that is needed is one spray which is great because it will last for some time!

  19. Amanda E

    I love this perfume! I usually purchase very high end perfume but after reading the reviews, decided to give this one a try and I’m glad I did. It’s a very smooth, cool scent. Not floral or overpowering. It lingers very nicely. I would definitely recommend!

  20. Mshawves

    Beautiful bottle/packaging, a little bit goes a long way but it is not overpowering at all. I love this smell the best! Nice to see a company using essential oils instead of chemicals. This smell lasts all day long, it’s very clean and fresh smelling.

  21. Barbara Cary

    I was the 1st one to order the Wild Spirit Chill Gift Set in 2018. I love the Chill perfume which is why I thought I’d try the gift set with the lotion, a mini spray, a bottle spray, and a smaller bottle of perfume. I was disappointed because out of the 4 items the lotion and the smaller bottle of perfume were fine, but the larger spray and mini spray smelled like alcohol! So, for 24.00 I recieved a small bottle of wonderful smelling perfume and a small lotion all other items seemed to be fillers with alcohol. Just wanted to let you know that you’d probably be better off getting a bottle of the perfume, gift sets might be iffy!

  22. Lorea crum

    Best smell ever!!!! It’s so calming. I absolutely cannot wait to get some rosy glow ❤️

  23. Tonya Perry

    When I wear it, noone can smell it after an hour or so. The scent is too subtle! I kinda want my money back.

  24. katie mackey

    My favorite smell ever it’s so light and warm it just invited me in and it’s my go to on trips I got the gift set and I’m loving it. My family is sensitive to certain smells but chill haven’t even trigger and thing unless I put to much on but I just love it so much

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