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Discovery Set


7mL / 0.24 FL OZ x 4
Eau de Parfum

Discover your Wild Spirit with the 4-scent collection designed in a travel-friendly rollerball set!

This adorably sized set is the perfect addition to your scent wardrobe with a scent for every season, occasion or current mood. Be prepared with lots of options with the Wild Spirit Discovery Set. Are you Spring Jasmine, Driftwood, Chill or First Snow? Try them all to find out!

Perfect For:

  • The Testers- who are curious to try them all
  • The Collectors- who must have them all
  • The Travelers- who are always on the go
  • The Creators- who love to layer, mix and match to create a new personalized scent
  • The Gifters- who love giving the gift of scent

Vegan | Natural Essential Oils | Paraben, Sulphate, Dye & Cruelty-Free | Made in the USA



Discovery Set

The perfect gift for those hard to shop for!

28 reviews for Discovery Set

  1. Brandy Fillingame

    Y’all i love these fragrances!! They arrived packaged very nicely. These are the only fragrance of any kind that I’ve ever used that I can actually smell at the end of the day; there’s something about my body chemistry that just does not like fragrances — but these last so well!! All four of these scents are wonderful – and I can see myself using each one depending on my mood. I did receive these as a gift from wild spirit; but I love them so much!!

  2. KSLake

    I think these fragrances are unique and there are enough to choose from to please everyone. The bottles are really cute and I like the roller ball application. The fragrance is not too strong; however, it does not last all day. Conveniently, the bottles are small enough to take with you so you can re-apply! I received this product in exchange for my opinion.

  3. Rachel

    This multi pack is a great way to try all of the fragrances so you can choose which ones you like best. I am really glad I tried these. It makes me feel more confident, knowing they use essential oils for the scents. I don’t wear a lot of fragrances because I don’t like all the chemicals in them and I don’t like how the smell overpowers you and everyone around you. All 4 of the scents smell really fresh and not harsh like most fragrances do. You can smell it just fine but it is not overpowering to others. These smaller/sample bottles have a roller applicator and the smell only lasted half the day. They are the perfect size to slip in your purse for on the go use. My favorite 2 in this pack are Chill and Driftwood.

  4. J&S

    It really is like a discovery set. There is a good variety of scents. I was so impressed with the quality of the scents! They last all day, they smell amazing, and they are not overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this brand!

  5. Georgette Dugas

    There are enough fragrances to please everyone. The bottles are really cute and I like the roller ball application. The fragrances is not too strong. Conveniently, the bottles are small enough to take with you so you can re-apply!

  6. Lynnette Rice

    I love that these all have a little roller ball. I haven’t seen rollerball perfume in such a long time, and it’s lovely for putting it on behind your ears and on your neck sore not spraying stuff in your face or all crazy. I also love that all of these smell so great.

  7. Jolene

    I have been looking for small bottles of perfume to put in my purse and have with me. These are the perfect size they fit anywhere. I love the fact that they are roller balls and not spray type. The lids stay very tightly closed and I have no issues with spilling or leaking. Ordering on line is always hard for me with scents but I decided to take a chance. I could not be happier. The scents in this package are all amazing. They are not at all overpowering but stay put for hours. I love all of the scents so much I am definitely going to order more just to have on hand. I also love the fact that they have no parabens. So glad I took a chance and tried them.

  8. jennifer otterman

    I love this sweet little sample set. I lean more holistic and the fact that these are scented with essential oils and free of the gross stuff sells me. They smell amazing. They glide on easily and even though the bottles are small, these will last many uses. Every scent is unique, light and just enough. The scents also last all day.

  9. Jennie

    I’m so pleased with this set. I already loved the spring jasmine and driftwood. Having the chill and first snow scents are a bonus in these wonderfully convenient travel bottles! The travel size is so convenient. I travel a lot for works and go to work straight after the gym, and these bottles are perfect for transport!

  10. Vickie G.

    This set is awesome, gives you a great sampling of all the scents, and comes in a great packaging which would be great for gift giving. Having all 4 scents allows you to experiment with combining them in various combinations which is fun. The scents are perfect for everyday wear, but go into the night as well and last the whole day. The roller ball application is nice also. I like that there are no harsh chemicals and contains essential oils. I will enjoy this set for a long time to come!

  11. Kim Thach

    This gift set is perfect little gift for those perfume lovers or for yourself to try a new scent. The bottles are actually a pretty good size that would last you a good bit. I like all the scents in the kit but one. Its not my cup of tea. But they are all long lasting smell and light not too overpowering. The rollerballs are also awesome to layer to create a unique scent. Definitely recommend.

  12. Beth Weber

    I found these fragrances browsing at Wally world(Walmart) of all places. Curiosity got the best of me and I absolutely loved the smell of these perfumes! I am so glad they are made with the essential oils because they typically work well most of the day for me. I loved 3 of the 4 and couldn’t pick so I bought the set! I absolutely love drift wood,jasmine and chill. Winter is good but not my favorite as it doesn’t work well with my body chemistry. I highly recommend this brand! I was blown away this was at Walmart of all places. The scents fit my personality perfectly too to boot!

  13. Nicholya C

    Every one of these scents is unique yet they compliment each other brilliantly. I feel like I could use a spray each of two of them and have a completely unique and delicious scent . If you are trying to decide which scent you might like more of this is the perfect set. You can try all of them and see which one(s) might work with your particular chemistry.
    My personal favorite is probably first snow but really all of them have a great frgrance and I love that I can choose a different scent every day if I want to. The scent lasts on my wrist all day and a little goes a long way. I would love to buy this discovery set again after this current one runs out. I feel like it’s a good value for some beautiful fragrances.

  14. ClayPearl

    I’m so happy I got this sampler pack! I’m not a huge fan of perfumes, but I wanted to start wearing one that was subtle and not cloying, but also affordable. I hate to commit to a scent just to end up hating it, so I got this Wild Spirit one because it was the best way I could think of to try out scents (short of those sample in magazines which, let’s face it, just smell like paper). I’m so happy I tried these! Each scent was subtle and not overwhelming, but my favorite by far was the First Snow and the Chill. I carry the samples with me wherever I go in case I need to refresh my perfume (they’re so little, they’re just perfect to toss in a bag), and I got two more bigger bottles of each of my favorites to keep at home. It’s perfect! I’m so happy I took the perfume plunge!

  15. Crystal

    Love this! Came in a very nice box, great presentation. Four small bottles with rollers, and they fit anywhere. I have one in my makeup bag, one at work, and one in my truck. My two favorite scents are “driftwood” and “first snow.” Came with a nice note, and great packing material.

  16. Gina McGinley

    I love this little sample set. It makes the perfect gift. The bottles are adorable with a nice roller ball. Again I love how these scents don’t make me sneeze or give me a headache. I’m partial to first snow and chill. How can you go wrong with essential oils and no parabens.

  17. Lacey

    Perfect set to decide just what smell you like or if you are like me it just gives a nice variety. I seriously love all the scents. Everyone in my house is in love with chill while I tend to grab driftwood and I don’t know if it’s intentional but standing in a group outdoors wearing driftwood the bugs are all over everyone else but me!

  18. Lacey Swedberg

    Perfect set to decide just what smell you like or if you are like me it just gives a nice variety. I seriously love all the scents. Everyone in my house is in love with chill while I tend to grab driftwood and I don’t know if it’s intentional but standing in a group outdoors wearing driftwood the bugs are all over everyone else but me!

  19. Lynn T

    These four scents are so pretty and drastically different from each other, they are just like the four seasons! I absolutely love all four of them, and that is huge because I tend to be picky with my perfume, as most women are. The price is exceptional and I thought the roller balls were actually much larger than expected wich was a nice surprise. I am super excited every time I wear these perfumes, they smell so great and the scent lasts all day!

  20. erickalanclos

    I am in Love with every one on these scents!! It is sooo hard to pick just one!! The little roller ball bottles are so cute. They all smell “sexy” but yet have a “clean” smell to them, not over whelming!! I get asked at work daily what perfumes I have on!!

  21. Jessica

    So many great scents it’s hard to pick a favorite. I love perfume, but these are really some of the freshest I’ve smelled. They are really natural and light. This sampler is a great way to try the different options and have one for each bag, your car, your gym bag, etc. I’ve become a huge fan of this brand and their fragrances. If I had to choose, it would be First Snow, but I like all of them.

  22. Amanda E.

    I love that I can try multiple scents this way! My only wish is that it was a spray instead of a roller ball. The advantage of it being a roller ball, it is easy to store in my purse/bag without worrying about it spilling. These would also make great stocking stuffers! My favorite of all the smells is chill. It’s a cool, smooth scent. It’s not overpowering.

  23. Kimberly Dawn

    I am absolutely in love with these fragrances!!! I figured that maybe one or two would work for me but they are all so fresh and lovely!!! They stay true on my skin, which is pretty rare! Also, I’ve really enjoyed combining them making the possibilities ENDLESS!!! I would highly recommend them and will absolutely repurchase!!!

  24. Mshawves

    Great way to sample the scents before buying the larger ones. Here’s the order of my favorite to least favorite 1) chill 2) spring jasmine 3) driftwood 4) first snow. I loved the first 3 the 4th one had a stronger overwhelming scent for me. These are great size to throw into your purse to use on the go or travel. Although these scents last almost all day so you shouldn’t need to touch up like other brands.

  25. Melissa Wargel

    I love the size of these – they are perfect for traveling or keeping in my purse! Plus, I was able to sample all of the scents (loved them all)!

  26. sandy campbell

    The scent smells amazing I love the fact that they have a little rollerball on them I bought the wild spirit discovery set and I could just place one in my purse or in my pocket and I also love the fact that there are no chemicals no dyes

  27. Brigid Watkins

    I bought this set at Walmart of all places. These are my first ever fragrances and so far I love them. I love that they are affordable while also being vegan and paraben free. All the scents smell so good but not overwhelming. They’ll mesh well with my natural smell.

  28. Teresa McLemore

    My son got me the chill set for Christmas. I just absolutely love it the only way to describe it is fall in a bottle can not wait to try some of the other scents.

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