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First Snow


30mL / 1.0 FL OZ
Eau de Parfum Spray

A bold & spicy scent that combines a unique contrast of crisp aromatic notes and black pepper highlighted with signature creamy Bushman Candle.

Perfect For: Making a statement! Stand out of the crowd and exude confidence with a scent that leaves a lasting impression but never overpowers!

Natural Essential Oils: Black Pepper, Guaiacwood, Juniper Berry, Birch, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, Bushman Candle.

Vegan | Natural Essential Oils | Paraben, Sulphate, Dye & Cruelty-Free | Made in the USA


First Snow

The Fierce Statement Maker. A believer in going up against the storm, taking risks, challenging her limits, being in charge of her future and embracing her brave heart and bold inner strength.

guaiac wood
warm amber
First Snow Ingredients

26 reviews for First Snow

  1. Alexa Jones

    This perfume smells amazing. I was looking for a new signature scent for myself because my Estee Lauder perfume has been discontinued and is becoming harder and harder to find. The scratch and sniff is really helpful so I could see what it would smell like without having to spray it at all. I absolutely love the scent. It is light and airy but leaves just enough to be noticed. I get compliments on it all the time. I would highly recommend it.

  2. Michelle Stelly

    This is a lovely light scent. Love the scratch and sniff. It helps decide on a fragrance before buying it.

  3. jennifer otterman

    The bottle is adorable and a perfect storing size. The scent is light and lasts all day. It is perfect for a night out or everyday wear. The real win is that this perfume isn’t made with all the harsh chemicals. I’ve let my young daughters put it on to be like mommy with no worries of what is going on their skin. The price is great for what it is.

  4. Vickie G.

    The bottle is adorable and easy to store (though beautiful to display as well!). The scent is perfect for everyday wear, but goes into the night as well and lasts the whole day. I like that there are no harsh chemicals and contains essential oils. This is a great product at a great price.

  5. m.k.

    Love this entire collection! Though this is my favorite scent, I love mixing and pairing different scents with eachother (driftwood and chill blend amazing with eachother if you’re wanting to customize your scent a bit more)….so happy to find a perfume line that is natural and lasts!

  6. Kat H.

    Couldn’t be happier with this line! I love that they’re natural and they’re scents that actually stay with you through out the day!

  7. Aysha

    Just like the first snow of the year gets you excited, this scent does the same thing! First Snow is a little unexpected, but in such a great way. The fragrance stays with you throughout the day, while not being overwhelming with harsh chemicals. The whole Wild Spirit line is great!

  8. Brandi

    This is such a good scent. I’m pretty picky about perfume, but I really love this one. It’s a little sweet, and smells clean. My head hurts after a lot of smells but not with this one. It reminds me of a winter scent. This has quickly become one of my favorite perfumes.

  9. Rose W

    I was excited to try this perfume because I don’t find many fragrances with black pepper essential oils in them so I was intrigued. Along with seven other essential oils, including lemon, orange, vanilla, birch and a couple others I have never smelled before, this fragrance combo is soft, refreshing and slightly sweet smelling. I can still smell it lightly seven hours later! I sprayed my neck and mid arms with it and it’s a little bit overpowering for a few minutes and then it settles in nicely for hours. I’m pleased because I’ve worn perfumes in the past that make me want to run from myself a couple hours later. This one is definitely NOT one of those!

  10. Melissa Wargel

    I love that this has no parabens or sulfates! The smell is light, crisp, and refreshing. I know it’s called first snow, but it will be a great spring and summer fragrance!

  11. Megan Flanagan

    This scent is nothing short of amazing! I have been looking for a new perfume to replace my usual daily perfume since it’s becoming harder and harder to find. I love first snow! It’s sweet, slightly spicy, and clean and fresh all in one. I love that it changes through out the day; I notice different notes than I did an hour before. I absolutely am in love with this fragrance! I have been getting so many compliments on it!

  12. Nicholya Crockett

    As the name of the perfume suggests, I feel like this would be a great fragrance for the winter season. It is a super deep scent and takes me to winter memories of snow and holidays. I feel like it has more layers to it than other perfumes I have bought before. There are scents and fragrances in it that absolutely compliment each other. The bottle looks nice and it came to my door exactly as pictured and described. If you take a chance and try this perfume, you definitely won’t regret it. I have a feeling the fragrance can work for many different people! I will definitely be buying more as soon as this one is used up. I think for the quality of the perfume it is well priced and the scent lasts all day so no complaints there.

  13. tinamccall2013

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    The bottle is the perfect size, I can carry it in my purse. The scent is light and lasts all day. It is a great scent to go from day to night. I love that it is made with essential oils. #wildspiritgiftedme

  14. ClayPearl

    Beautiful scent! It’s similar to traditional perfumes I’ve found, but also had a subtle vanilla note to it that I find delightful. I find I’m able to wear it every day without feeling stuffy or like I’m covered in too much scent. I love it!

  15. Gina McGinley

    I really like this scent. It’s light and not overpowering at all. I’m very sensitive scents and this do a not give me a headache like a lot of scents. I like that’s its made with essential oils and has a creamy scent about it.

  16. Becky S.

    I love that this perfume is made with essential oils and free from parabens, sulphate, and dyes. I’m always trying to use more natural products. I will say I don’t think this scent is for me. I think I can smell a hint of the pepper in it. The smell is pretty strong and too overwhelming for me.

  17. Kelly

    This perfume smells like…perfume, instead of smelling of something specific to me. It’s lovely, and I adore that it’s made with natural oils. The scent lasts a long time on me, and usually most perfumes I’ve owned disappear quickly after I’ve applied them. I feel like such a lady when I wear this scent, there’s no other way to put it!

  18. Jessica Levin

    Great fresh scent without artificial ingredients. I’m already getting compliments on it and this will be one of my new go-to fragrances. It’s so natural and not overly floral, but definitely smells clean and fresh. I also love that it’s oil based. Thrilled to have discovered this brand and scent.

  19. Mayra Nevarez

    So I glad I tried this. If you are a white flower lover you will love this sent. It’s so fresh and clean. It literally last longer then my expensive designer brand. My coworkers comment anytime I wear this because even though I can’t smell it anymore they still can and love it too. Worth the try you will not be sorry!

  20. Eileen

    I adore this scent! It’s my favorite of the few that I already own. Light and sweet with a hint of crispness that makes you want to keep spraying it on all day! Large sized bottle for the price and makes it a great value!

  21. Erika

    This perfume has a very lovely scent. I love that it is made with essential oils too! The scent will last an entire day! I can still smell it on me around bed time! This perfume comes in a nice bottle that can be put out for display.

  22. Mshawves

    The packaging is very pretty. The smell is a bit too strong for my preference. I like the smell in the bottle but it doesn’t smell the same when I wear it. It’s a nice scent just doesn’t fit me.

  23. Lynnette Rice

    I really love the lasting power of all of the perfume so this company makes, I also like that they’re cruelty-free and they’re made with essential oils! I feel like that something that’s kind of hard to find these days even though that’s the popular thing to have. I also really like how these don’t smell overwhelming and they don’t take your breath away or make you gag. I think it would be really hard to put too much of this on unless you just went insane one day and just spray it everywhere! I think that is really good point to make I did purchase some of these for my daughter she’s about 10 so obviously that’s an issue that could be having with her but she’s doing really well and since you’re not super perfumey and overwhelming you know it’s perfect for her!

  24. Amber

    This is a great not overly strong. I wanted a nice scent for my 13 year old daughter and this for it perfectly. A little does go a long ways.

  25. Nola (verified owner)

    First Snow is amazing. I am hard to please and I think this is one of, if not the most alluring fragrances I have ever smelled.

  26. Shania Baylee

    I love this perfume. You won’t regret this purchase!

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